Credentials Unlimited

Building Your Professional Portfolio Through Personalized Learning

Credentials Unlimited is your partner in personalized learning in the Science of Reading.  We offer laser-focused courses that align with the Knowledge and Practice Standards for Teachers of Reading.  Here is what some of our clients are saying…

"My name is Melanie Brethour and I am an elementary resource teacher from Montreal, Quebec, Canada. I have earned a micro-credential after taking Credentials Unlimited exam for Reading Teacher’s Top Ten Teacher Tools. Top 10 Tools is a course that I believe every new teacher and experienced teacher should take. As a teacher who has been teaching for almost 20 years I learned so much from this course and I have changed everything about how I teach. I value professional development and I want to be recognized for the professional learning I am doing and micro-credentials accomplishes this.

"Once you complete the exam you receive your badge. This badge represents my new knowledge from Top 10 tools and I proudly share it in my signature and on my social media platforms.  I am hoping to complete more micro-credentials to continue my literacy journey and professional development in the science of reading."