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What Is a Micro-credential?

Micro-credentials are a form of professional development that break down a scholarly topic or general skill into its discrete parts. Micro-credentials require a demonstration of competency in each discrete segment of that general skill via a portfolio or performance assessment. Once competency has been demonstrated a micro-credential in that discrete segment of the general skill or scholarly topic is awarded. Individual micro-credentials are then “stacked” to collectively represent a proven body of knowledge on a particular scholarly topic or general skill. Micro-credentials elevate the outcomes of their earners; as they not only learn about discrete embedded skills within a scholarly topic but they also may apply that skill in their practice and demonstrate their pedagogical growth as a result.

After successfully completing the coursework and passing the course assessment or required portfolio, you will be issued a specially designed badge for that course.  Behind the badge is listed the course competencies met.  The micro-credentials are aligned to relevant practice standards in the appropriate educational field.  

The badge is a symbol representing your newly acquired knowledge.  This badge can be displayed on your social media and included on your email signature.  

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Many Courses Are Now Eligible for Micro-credentials

Micro-credentials foster a culture of continuous learning in a manageable time frame without disrupting the learners’ lives.  It is important to note that micro-credentials don’t intend to replace traditional degrees but complement them. These credentials are like building blocks that individuals can produce a customized education portfolio.  

Credentials Unlimited provides you, the learner, with a focused, practical, and flexible approach  to professional development, aligning with scientifically evidenced based practices in the education field.  Check out our course offerings and begin your personalized learning journey today!!

Micro-credentials 101. This video explains what they are and why you might want one.

Micro-credentials are short, focused, competency based credentials that demonstrate proof of learning. Credentials Unlimited offers micro-credentials which you can use to leverage current evidence-based practices and build your professional portfolio. CU provides a digital non-credit transcript with badges to showcase your continued knowledge and in-demand skills.  

Credentials Unlimited is thrilled to partner with New Hampshire Education Department on a new groundbreaking endeavor to help all New Hampshire’s children be proficient readers and writers.

This partnership is specifically for participants enrolled in NHED's Leaning into Literacy LETRS program.