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Steps to Literacy II Bundle

The Steps to Literacy II bundle provides a deeper dive into foundational instructional skills with asynchronous learning modules focused on Language Comprehension and Written Expression and Vocabulary. Successful completion of the course bundle also provides participants with the opportunity to receive a Credentials Unlimited micro-credential for their work.

The Vocabulary module explores the research and instructional practices related to Vocabulary acquisition and instruction. Researchers generally agree that a four-part approach to vocabulary instruction is most effective in developing the depth, breadth, and fluency necessary for making meaning of text and expressing understanding in writing. This module uncovers a variety of direct and indirect word learning experiences that can be applied to any curriculum or program before, during, or after reading text.

The Integrated Comprehension & Written Expression module explores the research and instructional practices related to language comprehension development, detailed in the upper strands of Scarborough’s reading rope. Comprehension is complex, and a breakdown in any of the components presented can comprise our ability to construct a mental model when reading or effectively express ideas through writing. Through an integrated instructional approach students develop the knowledge and skills needed to support proficient reading comprehension and written expression.

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