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Steps to Literacy I Bundle

The Steps to Literacy I bundle provides access to foundational instructional skills with asynchronous learning modules focused on: An Overview of the Science of Reading, Phonological Awareness, Decoding and Spelling. Successful completion of the course bundle also provides participants with the opportunity to receive a Credentials Unlimited microcredential for their work.

The first module contains content specific to the “science of reading.” This term refers to the research that cognitive scientists, literacy researchers, and expert practitioners have conducted on how individuals learn to read. This body of knowledge has been building for decades and has helped to debunk methods of reading instruction that are based on misguided philosophies and observation, rather than evidence.

The second module explores the research and instructional practices related to Phonological Awareness. This meta-cognitive skill is defined as one’s ability to attend to, discriminate, remember, and manipulate the sound structures of language. Phonological awareness, most specifically phonemic awareness, is an essential skill that underlies a student’s ability to learn to read and spell.

The third module explores the research and instructional practices related to Decoding and Spelling. Phonics and spelling instruction are essential components of any comprehensive literacy program. Teaching students to decode and encode requires not only a systematic scope and sequence but also explicit instructional practices that engage students and provide multiple opportunities to practice tasks until students can complete them at a high criterion level of performance.

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