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Early Childhood Bundle

The Early Childhood Education bundle provides instruction, resources and tools in three asynchronous learning modules perfect for educators working with emerging readers. Modules include: An Overview of the Science of Reading, Growing Proficient Readers: Dr. Ehri's Phases of Development, and Phonological Awareness. The first module contains content specific to the “science of reading.” This term refers to the research that cognitive scientists, literacy researchers, and expert practitioners have conducted on how individuals learn to read. This body of knowledge has been building for decades and has helped debunk methods of reading instruction based on misguided philosophies and observation rather than evidence.

The second module features reading researcher Dr. Linnea Ehri narrating the observable reading characteristics of learners from emerging readers in the pre-alphabetic phase through proficient readers in the consolidated phase. This deep understanding of where learners begin their literacy development and the knowledge and skills that allow them to advance into the next phase of reading development is essential for all teachers. The module explores research-based practices for emerging literacy, the developmental progression of foundational literacy skills, and resources to provide targeted instruction to meet learners where they are. A deck of vibrant, printed AIM Animated Alphabet Cards, including instructional scripts to use with each card, is included with each course.

The third module is highly specialized and explores the research and instructional practices related to Phonological Awareness, the first of five core components of reading instruction as identified by the National Reading Panel. This meta-cognitive skill is defined as one’s ability to attend to, discriminate, remember, and manipulate the sound structures of language. Phonological awareness, most specifically phonemic awareness, is an essential skill that underlies a student’s ability to learn to read and spell and, as such, is a critical foundation for emergent readers.

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